Introducing Yin Xian?

January 26, 2007

I think Red’s shifting personas. Or rather, Zekke is shifting into one of his alter ego personas.

Damn, this makes things difficult because I sort of like how it’s starting to come together.

Yin Xian mini poster


I wonder if a different faceup would make a difference…


Blushed hands!

December 22, 2006


Who would have thought blushing could be so fun and rewarding?

Now my lovely Red!Zekke has (more!) realistic hands!



Front-laced pants ahoy!

December 22, 2006

So my first and probably most ambitious project at the moment is to design a pair of front-laced pants out of heavy black twill fabric for both of my Zekkes.

I’ve come to the conclusion that part of my dissatisfaction and frustration with this hobby is that I can’t seem to find the right clothes for my muses. Either that, or the clothes cost even more than my own clothes do and that somehow just seems a bit… odd?

At any rate, I think front-laced pants will be first to hit the production studio and then after that a conservatively ruffled top.

And between it all… a bunch of T-shirts because if I can’t give them pants, at least I can give them T-shirts dammit!



December 16, 2006

Ever since I’ve gotten my Elfdoll Red version of Zekke, my time has been more devoted to him rather than shared evenly between him and my Obitsu version of Zekke.

At first, I thought that maybe it was because Red was newer, but as time has gone on, I’ve realized that a lot of times, Red!Zekke has more appeal to me. Red!Zekke is more realistic-looking than Obitsu!Zekke and I’ve been appreciating that realism more as it appeals to my sense of aesthetics.

However, when I’m more in the mood for a more ethereal look and feel and sense, then Obitsu!Zekke is still the one I go to.

I guess I just haven’t been in the Obitsu!Zekke mood too much lately?

I can definitely attribute my current lack of interest – or frustrated interest as it may be – to several different issues. Before I expand on them, though, I’ll say now that the problems CAN BE FIXED. It will just take extra effort and time and lately, I’ve been short on time and patience, so part of this frustration is of my own doing as well and not the fault of my poor muse. *hugs Obitsu!Zekke*

I won’t lie; it’s been one hell of a difficult task to procure clothing and accessories for Obitsu!Zekke whose body shape and size is drastically different compared to the more typical resin 60cm sized dolls. I’ve had him longer than I’ve had my Red and he has so few clothes and stuff compared to my Red. Pants are too big in the waist, he swims in shirts, and his waist is soooo tiny! ARGH!

Then again, he does have the more androgynous figure and I chose him specifically for that reason, so I suppose I can’t really complain, can I?

I’ve been working on clothing patterns for him, but because of the more curvy figure combined with the flat planes, I’ve been having difficulties dealing with things like darts. I’m sure once I get a something or two made to fit him, I’ll feel less frustrated and find him more appealing to play with because then I’ll actually have clothes that fit.

Another thing that’s frustrated me is the difficulty I’ve been having in trying to give him the right sort of faceup. No matter what anyone says, even with good Dullcote, the vinyl head doesn’t have as good of a matte ‘tooth’ to it as a resin head does and it complicates the faceup process.

And talking about faces and faceups…

Obitsu!Zekke has the Haruka head, which looks beautifully androgynous except for the fact that the eye holes are a bit… big and the face is a bit round. The large eyeholes make the eyes really pop, which gives him a bit more of an anime look in addition to the whole ‘damsel in distress’ look.

I’m not even remotely close to being a learned face-upper so Obitsu!Zekke’s faceup has been a major challenge for me. As is, he’s still wearing the first eyebrows I ever gave him and nothing else because I’ve been terrified of making his face look too feminine and doe-eyed. Also, the vinyl is more sensitive to staining than resin is and I’m terrified that I will permanently stain him if I make a faceup mistake.

Really, the only solution is to either commission a faceup or practice, practice, practice. The fact that I was able to do Red’s faceup to my satisfaction makes me really reluctant to commission someone. I keep thinking that only I will be able to make him look like how I want him to, but… yeah. It’s difficult.

And yet… even after all these gripes… I still love him as much as I originally did when I first opened his box.

I chose him specifically for the androgynous look that comes from combining a female body with a male chestplate, so I really shouldn’t be complaining at all. The same is true for the Haruka head sculpt; I chose that head because of how easily I could see androgyny in it and how beautiful it is even without a faceup.

Even completely nude, he still conveys this elegant and ethereal feel that Red doesn’t quite have. It is very easy to see the angel that he is named after in his sculpt and I see it every time I look at him.

I guess I just wish he was more ‘complete’ because I’d love nothing more than to take both of my boys for an outing in the park or in the city and take pictures of them.

Heaven only knows that my doll carrier can hold them both very comfortably inside and is, in fact, more balanced when both of them are inside it!

So I guess the solution is, now that I have a bit more time on my hands, is to work on getting him some fitted clothes and get his faceup done and see what happens!


Zekke’s Dreams – Am I Real To Her?

December 16, 2006

It was my choice to be shelled into this form that I take now.

She gave me the choice and I took it – after existing in her mind for so many years and having so many pages written about me… heaven help me, how could I not?

I took the choice and became as real as I could ever be.

Not just lines on paper, but a nose, mouth, eyes, hands, and feet. I can wear wigs, I can wear shoes, I can choose between long sleeved shirts and a short sleeve button down…

I’m more real than I ever could be.

But am I real enough to her?

Am I real enough to her?



December 16, 2006

Even though my Dollish Directions category is a collection of my posts that blog about places and people to purchase doll stuff from, this post will serve as a mini one-shot resource guide.

Think of this as a list of my favorite doll-related places to visit!


  • JunkySpot – one-stop shop for all your Obitsu needs! Now with resin BJDs, too!


  • to be added


  • to be added




December 16, 2006

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