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Blushed hands!

December 22, 2006


Who would have thought blushing could be so fun and rewarding?

Now my lovely Red!Zekke has (more!) realistic hands!



Front-laced pants ahoy!

December 22, 2006

So my first and probably most ambitious project at the moment is to design a pair of front-laced pants out of heavy black twill fabric for both of my Zekkes.

I’ve come to the conclusion that part of my dissatisfaction and frustration with this hobby is that I can’t seem to find the right clothes for my muses. Either that, or the clothes cost even more than my own clothes do and that somehow just seems a bit… odd?

At any rate, I think front-laced pants will be first to hit the production studio and then after that a conservatively ruffled top.

And between it all… a bunch of T-shirts because if I can’t give them pants, at least I can give them T-shirts dammit!